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Established in 2018, X4 was formed due to the growing need for quality sports education in Singapore and oversea. We provide the much needed knowledge and skills required to empower trainers with the right methods for success in the sporting arena. A multi-disciplinary sports academy with key focus on training the trainer, our courses are well thought out and comprehensive. We collaborate with recognized industry partners and affiliates all over the world to give our trainers a first-hand premium education.


X4 Definition: A significant hybrid between DNA of molecular cells and will-power, increasing knowledge fourfold at an accelerated speed. The hidden exclamation mark at the end of our logo adds to the immerse intensity we have in the quest for adequate knowledge, skills and experience.


To fully equip our trainers with high-quality coaching methods with intuitive assessment implementation based on physical and mental development of their students. We seek to be a premium institution in producing highly qualified swim instructors.


At X4, our long-term aim is to ignite a change in attitude towards the culture of sport, equipping trainers with the right mind-set not just in knowledge but in a holistic approach towards every learner they cross path with. We believe sport can do a lot more than simply serve as a curriculum as it brings not only significant physical, but mental and social benefits.

Swim Schools International, A premier swim teacher training education and business support organization is currently growing into the global swim industry!

Many owners and dealers from the U.S. and around the world from the aquatic industry took a very strong interest in the Swim Schools International brand concept and have adopted the teaching system into their existing swim centers to create a complete Aquatic Training Facility which offers an revolutionary swim teacher training and certification program complete with a unique swim school setting into their existing school curriculum.

Swim Schools International primary goal is to create a worldwide, aquatic educational program to develop and provide training for aquatic professionals and recreational swimming. These programs will be open to anyone that want to better their abilities and level of swim teaching through a network of authorized swim centers.

SSI Swim provides educational materials, training and certification for Swim Teachers, Trainers and aquatic training facilities around the world based on best practices, training and guidelines. 

Since 2014, Swim Schools International has expanded into South Africa, Malaysia, Singapore, Egypt, Austria, Croatia, Republic of Indonesia, Korea, India, Maldive, China, Philippines and much more.

In short, we do not only teach you how to teach swimming but also provide you with the tools to be a successful authorized swim school !

Become a SSI Authorized Swim Center and obtain our total swim school system designed to walk you through the steps to become a successful swim school. This program has worked for us and is working for many swim facilities in the world.

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