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Baby Swim Teacher

When dealing with children in the water, additional constraints and techniques are required. The Baby & Me certification is designed to help teachers deal with our youngest swimmers between 6 months and 2 years old. Education on this course is also geared towards the parents to help them understand the issues being faced. ​Parent or guardian supervision is required when teaching these courses.

Course Fees
  • $699

  • minum age: 18 years old

  • Recommended hours for completion: 6-8

  • Apprenticeship training : at least 4 hr

  • The number of classes, hours, and sessions per day are set by the Swim Teacher Instructor, based on the
    candidate’s needs and ability.

Requirements For Completion
  • Complete all academic sections and assessments as outlined in the Baby Swim Teacher Instructor Manual.

  •  Complete a Baby Swim Teacher final exam with a passing score of 90%.

  •  Complete at least four (4) hours of apprenticeship training.

Active Status Qualifications
  • Baby Swim I

  • Baby Swim II

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