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The SSI React Right approach is designed to help first aid providers control an emergency situation and deliver first aid until emergency medical personal take over. This incorporates all the information an SSI React Right Provider need to appropriately respond to an emergency comfortably, competently and successfully

Course Fee:
  • $150

  • minimum age: 12 years old

  • Recommended hours for completion: 8-12hr

Requirements For Completion
  • Upon completion of all academic and practical training scenario requirements, an SSI React Right Instructor
    may issue the program’s digital certification card.

  • SSI React Right certification qualifies the holder to act as a first responder in medical emergencies similar to
    their training for a period of two years after the certification is issued.

  • Certified React Right divers may use the React Right certification to fulfill the prerequisites for the SSI Diver
    Stress & Rescue certification, and all SSI professional training programs.

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