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Lifeguard Level 2 Instructor

The SSI Level 2 Lifeguard Instructor program provides candidates with the knowledge, skills and experience necessary to
teach, supervise, and issue certifications for all levels of SSI Lifeguard programs.

  • minum age: 18 years old

  • certificated Beach Lifeguard

  • Certification of Level 1 Lifeguard Instructor

  • Recommended hours for completion: 16-20

  • The number of classes, hours, and sessions per day are set by the Swim Teacher Instructor, based on the candidate’s needs and ability.

Requirements For Completion
  • Complete all Academic and Training Sessions as outlined in the instructor manual for the Lifeguard Instructor Training Course.

  • Complete the Candidate Water Fitness Evaluation as outlined in the SSI Training Standards if it has been more
    than six months since the candidate has been evaluated.

  • Complete a Level 2 Lifeguard Instructor Final exam with a passing score of 90%.

Active Status Qualifications
  • Water Safety Attendant

  • Pool Lifeguard

  • Inland open water Lifeguard

  • Beach Lifeguard

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