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Adults Swim Teacher

Teaching adults to swim requires a different skill set to that for teaching children. Adult Swim Teachers are trained in special skills for teaching physically larger and stronger swimmers, as well as ways of managing lifelong aquatic fear factors often present in adult non-swimmers.

Course Fees
  • $399

  • minum age: 18 years old

  • Recommended hours for completion: 20-24

  • Apprenticeship training : at least 4 hr

  • The number of classes, hours, and sessions per day are set by the Swim Teacher Instructor, based on the candidate’s needs and ability.

* If the candidate is already a Level 2 Swim Teacher, the recommended hours for completion will be 6-8 hr

Requirements For Completion
  • Complete all academic sections and assessments as outlined in the Adult Swim Teacher Instructor Manual.

  •  Complete a Adult Swim Teacher final exam with a passing score of 90%.

  •  Complete at least four (4) hours of apprenticeship training.

Active Status Qualifications
  • Adult Swim 1

  • Adult Swim 2

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