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1) If i am not from Singapore can i join the course ?

Yes, you can travel to our location to do the course. Alternatively if you have a group oversea we will be able to sent our trainer to your swim center to do the trainer there as well.

2) How long is the attachment?

There is a min attachment session for each course. But the min attachment only allow you to take the last pool session evaluation. We urge all new swim teacher not to rush your learning process as each teacher need time to gain experience in how to handle the student and also how to use the teaching system    

3) Is the certification recognize internationally?


yes currently we are in more then 110 countries. 

4) Can i just take baby swim teacher?

yes as baby swim teacher is a breed of their own it is a stand alone course mean u can be a baby swim teacher but not a level 1 swim teacher.

5) Can i just take adult swim teacher? 


yes you can just be an adult swim teacher who only teacher adults. but if you have level 1 and level 2 swim teacher the course duration will be shorten by 12 hours.



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